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August 13th, 2014 by admin

1992 - Abissag.  Grandma.I’m facing the reality of doing what you really love, that thing that keeps you awake at nights.   In 1991, I graduated from high school and one of the first thing I do was to learn how to draw people portraits and to paint.  So I joined an art school here, I do it for three months and then I left my classes because at this country it’s hard to be an artist and live of that.  So I decide to study computer sciencies, something very far away from arts.  But art is coming back again and again, I have made wonderful web designs and also learn about software design.

2007 – 2008, again let’s call it…”Art” again knock my door in a very crucial moment of my life, with so much strong like an explosion of colors, forms and new ideas.  I make some paintings, but I hide it in my closet and locked again.

2011, I began to show some of my paintings to friends and colleges in a entrepreneur seminar, and was a very rewarding experience also I sold some of my paintings.   Since last year, I’m working in new ideas for my art, my friend Art is here to stay definitely, so this os where my heart is it, and I always knew it.   My BIG challenge now, is to profit from it.

In the meantime, I still have my UX super powers and a small company to run.

Feelings that you “feel” when you know you have found your passion:

  • You can work all day doing that, and still you are full of energy.
  • You feel complete and happy.
  • Your health also improve.

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