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May 18th, 2009 by admin

I love WordPress, but I have to said that the interface design of the admin area that have this 2.7 version sometimes confuse me.  I know some people that doesn’t want to update their blogs to this version because of the control panel interface.   I understand that the horizontal menu navigation in 2.5 has their limitations and was not scalable, if you have too much plugins the navigation gets very “cranky”.

I think the other enhancements in 2.7 version looks cool.   In terms of usability, the sidebar navigation at the left hand is really a good idea, but sometimes I get lost.  The first time I saw the dashboard with the new sidebar navigation I was wondering where the options I always use were.

I don’t know why sometimes I get lost in navigation, maybe are the small title of each box or the icons that looks similar in “contrast”.   Maybe its just necessary to make a color enhancement.

The collapsible sidebar may take some getting used to, but you will get used to it. There are numerous improvements, including the renaming of some odd sections such as “Themes” (which also featured Widgets) to “Appearance”. Additionally, because the menu is now a sidebar, it’s possible to have longer and therefore more descriptive section titles.

I was looking for some information about the icons set WP used in version 2.7 for the control panel, I found this interesting page called The Results of the Project Icon and I found an icon set design from Guillaume Berry in my opinion this icons have a very clear presentation, nice job.

In terms of new plugins and themes, sometimes when I install a plugin or an special theme some developers put this links as another section in the menu and this confuse me, they must include their themes or plugins under its respective section: Plugins or Appearance, to maintain the consistency.

In general, I can said people in WordPress are doing a great job with the upgrades and the most important thing is that they are thinking in us: the User.  Congratulations!.

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